An efficient approach to the creative process

Mapping a plan and guiding artists through the production process

Pete Cornell’s deliberate manner makes him a great producer. With an appreciation for efficiency, he is able to support musicians in realizing their vision expeditiously without compromising the creative process or results. In fact, his style and insight brings clarity, a critical ingredient for any artists looking to realize their vision.

As a producer, Pete’s job starts by building relationships, meeting each member of the team to gain an understanding of each person’s role and their personal needs in the production process.

Next comes the game plan. Having met the players and recognizing the costs and sacrifices that come with making a recording, Pete maps a plan so once the team goes into the studio things can run efficiently. Artists that work with Pete will also have access to his personal connections with engineers, studios, and players in the music business. This approach reinforces his role as a leader as he is a step ahead of the process, guiding the musicians in realizing their vision.

This approach also ensures that distractions are minimized if not entirely removed, thus reinforcing the creative process. A highly skilled musician and composer himself, Pete brings a musicianship to producer’s role that can help artists make their music more effective. Depending on what a piece calls for, Pete can help artists achieve the sound they desire by making a piece either more elaborate or more succinct and bare bones. Pete always maintains creative flexibility in his projects, and is always open to injecting new ideas into the process of creating a record in order to make it the best version of itself.