Exploring sound

Fostering critical thinking and guiding students
in the process of creating music

Music lessons with Pete Cornell are infused with his simple approach to teaching. Philosophical by nature, Pete Cornell’s teaching style is Socratic: foster critical thinking so that students can explore music and guide them in the process. Before that journey begins, however students first learn the rules.

Pete instills the fundamentals of music so that music students learn to properly hold the guitar and understand basic techniques like major and minor scales and chords. Once these are established, it’s about exploration. Exploring creatively and exploring the instrument and where it takes them.

This cooperative approach to teaching music sets Pete apart. Pete’s music students excel, and not just kids, but adults who want to learn guitar as well. Pete’s guitar lessons for beginners stimulate a new intellectual journey for students in learning the mechanics, and in understanding culture and the role of music both in creating and cultivating it. Pete’s music lessons for adults tend to stimulate a certain self-discovery that brings piece of mind and clarity to their daily lives and a better understanding for pop culture and the next generation.

Whether you are looking for acoustic guitar lessons, bass guitar lessons or you are looking for music lessons for advanced students planning a career in music, look no further than Pete Cornell.