Marrying emotion and sound

Writing rock, electronic, pop, jazz, and more

Pete Cornell is a professional composer and songwriter with a unique ability to translate feelings from abstract emotions to representational music in the form of songs, instrumental music and abstract ambience. Pete knows that the sounds are already there, music is deep within everyone. The key is accessing it.

Music is inherent in nature, harmonies are buried in everything, but it is the ability to extract these things that makes a composer great. Pete’s understanding of people and the deep connection between emotion and sound allows Pete to bring that emotion to the surface in the form of melody, harmony and rhythm.

Original songs are often a collaboration between Pete and his clients, though Pete is also available to write music from scratch on demand. Pete meets clients in person and virtually via Skype. He is skilled in all types of recording software including ProTools, Ableton, Logic and more, allowing him to write original music in collaboration with remote clients in their preferred programs seamlessly. This also allows Pete to go further and not just write the music. Pete has access to a wide array of professional instrumentalists and singers, and can use his abilities as a producer to record and mix your track.

When it comes to songwriting, Pete is fluent in several genres. Pete is able to write Pop, Rock, Jazz, Electronic and Hip-Hop. This wide range of knowledge allows Pete to guide clients as they explore sounds.

Best of all, Pete delivers beautiful results.